BAFTA Nomination for Consumed in the British Short Film category
Tate Collective Emerging Artist 2014
British Institution Prize, Royal Academy of Arts
Renaissance Prize 2016 Finalist
D&AD Next Photographer, Shortlisted
Lensculture Visual Storytelling Awards 2015 Winner
Renaissance Prize 2015 Finalist
Romanian Cultural Institute Grant 2015
PDN Photo Annual 2015 (photojournalism/documentary category) 
Magenta Flash Forward 2015
Architectural Association Scholarship 2013


London Art Fair 2017 (GBS Fine Art), Islington, London
Renaissance Photo Prize 2016, Getty Images Gallery, London
Photo Ireland 2016, Dublin
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016, London
Sheffield Doc Fest, Beijing Showroom 1, June 10 2016
Art16, Kensington Olympia (GBS Fine Art), London
D&AD Festival, Next Photographer
London Art Fair 2016 (GBS Fine Art), Islington, London
Renaissance Photo Prize 2015, Getty Images Gallery, London
Multiplied Art Fair 2015, (GBS Fine Art) Christie's South Kensington, London
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015, London
Tate Gallery, Blueprint Festival 2014, Liverpool

Humans have always adapted to their environment, and adapted their environments to suit themselves, but we are now adapting our planet to fulfil the will of a globalised market economy. This is an environment shaped not by natural forces, but by the movement of markets. In this context the role of landscape, city, and economy are becoming inseparable as a globalised system that the individual is left with no choice but to find a place within.

Richard John Seymour (b 1989) is a British photographer, filmmaker and designer. His work can be characterised as an attempt to reveal political, social, and environmental issues made manifest through the built environment. 

In 2013 Richard began work on what would become a long-form project ‘Consumed’ centred around China’s role in the rapid growth of consumerism, and what this means for the individuals involved. For the work on this topic, he was nominated for a BAFTA in the Short film Category in 2017, and was selected in 2014 by the Tate collective as one of Britain’s best emerging artists.

After studying a Bachelors in Architecture at the University of Bath and Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, he was awarded a scholarship to study at the Architectural Association in London. At the AA he began to work with the Unknown Fields Division, a collaborative travelling research studio focussed on understanding the concept of ‘the city’ through explorations to the remote locations that allow it to function.

Richard has had work exhibited in the Tate and Royal Academy, as well as leading international film festivals. He has been featured in various international media outlets, such as the BBC, The New Yorker, CNN, The Guardian, GEO, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, and Harpers.

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