Landscape - Romania

Humans have always adapted to their environment, and adapted their environments to suit themselves, but we are now adapting our planet to fulfil the will of global forces, market movements, and political manifestations. This is an environment shaped not by natural movements, but by ideologies. In this context the role of landscape, city, and economy are becoming inseparable as a globalised system that the individual is left with no choice but to find a place within - manifesting itself in these cases as the 'accidental monuments' that represent out biggest marks on earth.

This phase of my long form project aims to reveal the multiple and extraordinary architectural feats that are being accomplished, for better or for worse, at huge scales that begin to resemble the natural world. 

Each of these landscapes is unquestionably changed by man - if not being an artificial construction in its entirety. Each title, the GPS coordinates which correlate to the geographical entity, allow the viewer to investigate these spaces and engage with them beyond the photograph itself. 

By presenting the viewer with these constructed cartographies , these landscape photographs question the nature and the very conception of landscape in the 21st century.