The Museum of the Public Realm

The somnambulant city was the title given for my final degree project, referring to the apathy, or ‘sleepwalking’ that seems to have overcome both the social and political realms. If the somnambulant city is the paradigm, then the utopia is the transient city. This city cannot be understood so much as a mass of individual objects, but rather as a constellation of events. A successful building in the transient city would encourage the exploration not only of itself, but the rest of the city, thus enriching the experience for both its permanent and temporary inhabitants.

The Museum of the Public Realm is designed to preserve and exhibit at 1:1 scale perhaps the most precious and endangered British institution, that of the public realm. It simultaneously preserves, exhibits, and functions as public space, offering a polemical statement about the increasing privatisation of the public realm. A carefully choreographed route projects outside of the building, offering the city itself as the permanent exhibition, and the space within as an ever changing monument to space without profit.