Serial Narratives

The reverberations of ephemeral desire; for speed, reflective surfaces, lightness, echo across an invisible industrial landscape, a constellation of space and activity, lasting only as long as the want that conceived it. Material decisions made at the scale of circuitry have repercussions that can change global political relations, create or divert wealth from nation states, and move entire landscapes across the earth’s surface. Product design is landscape design.

SCN1 1711 MPT AC is the sole lyrical document of a story that spans the globe. A gleaming piece of technology designed exclusively to instigate an extraordinary sequence of fictional events that play out across time and space at a global scale. In its creation, vast sites of inverted civic space are mined, continental ties are forged, floating mineral markets undulate with the tides, informal refineries green the dry savannah. 

Told through a series of micro-narratives, and represented in traditional 5x4 photographic format, the portraits of these uncertain landscapes are parametrically tied to the decisions made at the design stage, revealing a new lens to view the successes and failures of product design in a climate of globalisation.