Serial Narratives

Serial Narratives reveals the immense physical implications of serving the world's consumer desires.

Behind the scenes, the epic scale of this operation dwarfs those involved in it, a non-stop supply chain of production. From mines in the mountains of Inner Mongolia, to logistics hubs, rare-earth mineral refineries, factories, ports, to huge ships which navigate the globe on a monthly basis, this is a finely tuned choreography shrouded from the public eye.

Whilst to many the understanding of an object is simply in its purchase and use, when sold thousands of times across the globe, our purchasing habits begin to acquire an entirely new set of meanings altogether.

The Unknown Fields Division is a nomadic design studio, run by Kate Davies and Liam Young, that ventures out on expeditions to the ends of the earth to explore peripheral landscapes, industrial ecologies and precarious wilderness. These distant landscapes – the iconic and the ignored, the excavated, irradiated and the pristine – are embedded in global systems that connect them in surprising and complicated ways to our everyday lives.